Monday, May 09, 2005

ERV Boxscore for May 8, at San Francisco

This game was like an avant garde foreign film -- way too long, interrupted by non-sequiturs (M*A*S*H episodes), rife with unpredictable fiat(bad calls), hard to get your mind around, unhappy ending. In the end, so complex you can't really understand it, and can't really say it was bad. The ERV box is a mess, fielding and running RV all over the place, reflecting the complicated nature of this game. Bottom line though, we won the series, didn't lose any ground to the playoff pace, and head to Arizona, a team we handled at home. Pretty successful road trip so far.

I listened to the last few innings on XM, which carried the Giants radio feed. Being good, informative announcers, every time they mentioned a Nats reliever warming up or coming in, they would say "right-hander" Hector Carrasco comes in, or "right-hander" Jon Rauch stays in the game, or "right-hander" Gary Majewski gives up another walk. I could only laugh to myself and think, "Guys, they're ALL right-handers. Save your breath."

ERV Win: Eyre
ERV Loss: Chavez and Guillen

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