Thursday, May 05, 2005

ERV Boxscore for May 4, at Los Angeles

Bowden looks like a genius with his two call-ups, Chavez and Hammonds, who both have postive RV nights and they combined to generate nearly 2 runs for the Nats. But the real story is fielding, especially the left side of the infield, where Guzman and Castilla save over 2 runs with their gloves. If you're wondering why Livan's RV isn't higher, that's why.


-- This box is another piece of evidence against looking at a pitcher's batting WV in determining the ERV Wins and Losses. Livan's pitching WV is the highest of any player's, but with his batting he falls out of the running. So, I've decided to ignore pitcher's batting for now. Needless to say, only after I come up with a stable criteria will I go back and tally up the ERV wins and losses.

-- Another reason to hold off on ERV Wins and Losses right now is that Win Value is undergoing renovations. Thanks to this great article (subscription required and encouraged) by Nate Silver in BP, where he calculates the value of going for one run to win the game, I now have a much more satisfying methodology to determine Win Value, and am in the process of implementing that now. What I use currently isn't terrible, but it is rudimentary. This new approach should be much more accurate.

-- Again, feedback on the new ERV Boxscore format is welcome. It is so much easier to post that I will also be using it for Friday Morning Figures.

ERV Win: Hernandez
ERV Loss: Choi

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At 4:54 PM, Blogger Yuda said...

The alternating-colored rows are a great help; I can almost read it without even clicking for the full-sized version now. A huge difference!


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