Wednesday, May 11, 2005

ERV Boxscore for May 11, at Arizona

Another loss that did not need to be, but one you can't get too worked up about. Vargas pitched well, so I guess we are going to use a 6-man rotation now. The bats, of course, are the worry the past two games, esp. Wilkie, who seems to only be able to strike out.

Overall, a solid trip at 5-4. The next two weeks are critical, as we finally get some weaker teams, at home. We need to feast on them if we are serious -- if we go 3-4 against the Cubs and Brewers, it would be a real setback.

ERV Win: Counsell
ERV Loss: Rauch

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At 9:41 AM, Anonymous conNATStant Lurker said...

Just a quick question as I try to wrap my head around ERV ... how did you score Baerga's missed throw from Castilla? If he catches that ball, it's inning over - instead, a run scores and it's 1st and 3rd two outs.

I guess I was surprised Baerga didn't have a more negative fielding ERV but as I said I'm still finding my legs.

At 10:33 AM, Blogger Chris Needham said...

I can wrap my head around the .8 for Baerga--it's not his fault the runners were on in the first place, so he doesn't deserve the blame.

But, on the Guillen error, were you working on the assumption that he should've thrown him out? The only reason the error got charged was because the batter moved from first to second.

At 10:48 AM, Blogger DM said...


The inning would not have been over if Baerga caught the ball -- Vazquez was back in time (I watched it a couple of times on Tivo). So I only hit him for the difference in the runners and the run, not the outs/end of inning.

Chris, on Guillen, I did not assume he would have thrown him out, but you have picked up a mistake of mine -- I should have charged him with only the batter moving to first; instead, I think I charged him with both runners advancing, which was wrong, because I think the guy on third would have been there anyway.

At 1:20 PM, Anonymous DMCj (f/k/a conNATSlurker) said...

Thanks to both of you - I still have to train myself to remember that context is important.


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