Wednesday, May 11, 2005

ERV Boxscore for May 10, at Arizona

Another win squandered -- Frank leaves Armas in too long, and it spoils a terrific performance to that point. Plus, we have plenty of chances to score, with the right guys at the plate, and don't come through. Check out the ERVF in the box -- Arizona pitchers essentially gave us more than twice as many chances to score than we gave them (28 to 12). We did not invest that money wisely.


-- My spreadsheet tallies our WV-adjusted runs for and runs against (80.5 RF, 75.4 RA). Plug this into the pythagorean theorem and it predicts our W-L almost exactly (17.51 to 15.49). Also, adjusting for Guzman's -16.23 WV (add back the 16 WV runs he's cost us), and it says he's cost us 3.27 wins. Our most valuable player? Chad Cordero (1.5 wins), with Nick Johnson (1.06 wins) and Livan (1.03 wins) next.

ERV Win: Glaus
ERV Loss: Carroll

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