Thursday, June 16, 2005

We Talk About the Nats Off the Blog, Too

Posting of an IM session between SNV and Dexy's (enhanced with links):

SuperNoVa: How about Drese?
Dexy’s: that is something!!!
SuperNoVa: the way, I only watched like 2 innings
Dexy’s: I was SOOOO pissed that ESPN blacked out the game
SuperNoVa: First inning I watched included Schneider's HR
SuperNoVa: Schneider LOVES it when I watch him play.
Dexy’s: I didn't see a single pitch...I had scheduled my night around watching...[Dexy's wife] was in NY, I was all set to relax and watch it
SuperNoVa: I've caught 3 of his 4 HR (2 live at RFK, 1 last night)
Dexy’s: what impresses me the most from looking at the box score is that he only had 98 pitches in those 8 innings
SuperNoVa: yup
Dexy’s: almost surprised Frank didn't keep him in!
SuperNoVa: I have to say, despite his stats, Schneider is the player that has grown on me the most
SuperNoVa: I thought Wilkerson would be my favorite, but Schneider is really endearing himself to me
Dexy’s: well, even though they don't hit regularly, both catchers do have some big hits to their credit this year
Dexy’s: the guys most surprising to me, how much I like them I mean, are actually Majewski and Ayala
Dexy’s: these guys (knock on wood) have really wildly exceeded expectations
SuperNoVa: Well, Ayala had a great year last year, too
SuperNoVa: Majewski is more found money
Dexy’s: a team like the Nats needs found money
Dexy’s: if you would have told me we would GAIN ground on the NL East from our Angels series (with the other teams playing the A's, M's, Cubs & Rangers), I would have thought you were crazy
SuperNoVa: No kidding
SuperNoVa: 3 games.....that's closing in on the definition of a LEAD
Dexy’s: in fact, of the other 5 divisions, 3 of them are closer or the same as the Nats three game lead
Dexy’s: if we could go 6-3 on this road trip...that would be a wow
SuperNoVa: It would be more of a "cool!" than a "wow"
Dexy’s: maybe so
SuperNoVa: 7-2 would be a "wow"
Dexy’s: yeah
SuperNoVa: 8-1 would be a "WHOA!"
Dexy’s: 7-2 and you would see that tradesports money start to flow into the Nats
SuperNoVa: I'm going to post this chat session
Dexy’s: lol, ok


At 11:21 AM, Blogger dexys_midnight said...

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At 11:22 AM, Blogger dexys_midnight said...

ok, most remarkable stat of the game? Fatty, I mean Bartolo Colon, pitched a complete game in which he only threw 18 balls. That is early 90s Greg Maddux like!

The only explanation I have for this is that someone before the game went up to him and said "Hey, Fatty! Buck sez you can't eat more burgers during the game than you throw balls."

At 3:49 PM, Blogger lordscarlet said...

Get DirecTV and you can watch all the games. :) (disclaimer: I have no idea if you can see ALL the games with MASN, but this game was on)


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