Friday, June 10, 2005

Clutch Hitting? Nope, Clutch Pitching.

Looking over the RV and WV numbers in this morning's latest Friday Morning Figures, I happened on the last column for Pitching WV. Essentially EVERY pitcher currently on the 25-man roster has a positive WV (recall that WV reflects the score and inning of plays the pitcher is involved in, so the more close and late situations, the higher the WV for getting outs -- and lower for giving up bases). The only ones that don't are Armas and Tucker, but Tucker's numbers are from earlier this year and Armas is pretty close (-0.32). Overall, the Pitching WV is way positive.

The clutch hitting gets the headlines and the fireworks, but the pitching is winning the games.


At 4:11 PM, Blogger SuperNoVa said...

Ebert & Siskel on this post:

Ebert: Well, this is another example of Don Money believing too much in his own genius. He's trotted out this WV theme once again to set up a straw man - that the Nationals' hitting has been the key to their success - and then congratulates himself on knocking it down. I think we'd all have been better off had he simply pointed to the fact that the Nationals are among the bottom three in runs scored in the National League.

Siskel: Oh, I think you are being unfair. DM's passion for WV comes through again in this post. His daily box scores ubiquitously show that what Nats' hitters have done are the most important events in the game. Here, he focuses on the fact that is has been the slow, methodical excellence of the pitching - lost in the ERV boxscore most nights - that has carried through, despite the sexiness of a Schneider home run here or a Johnson double there.

Ebert: Gene, you're dead.

Siskel: No, your analysis is dead, Roger.

Ebert: No, Gene, you are literally dead. You died a couple of years ago and have been replaced by Richard Roeper. Here is your obituary.

Siskel: [Turns to dust]

Ebert: Next week, we'll review another boring edition of Why do the bloggers keep putting out this dreck?

At 5:00 PM, Blogger DM said...

Nice job, Mr. Strawman.


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