Sunday, May 15, 2005

Cubs Fans

I went to the 2-hour, 40-minute rain delay Saturday, and got to see 3 innings of baseball before my babysitter's double-OT rate kicked in. Watched the rest of the game on TV (baseball, the only game you can watch at the park AND on your couch) and enjoyed it.

But during the delay, spent a fair amount of time observing Cub fans. They're not as annoying as Red Sox and Yankees fans, but they try, real hard. True to midwestern roots, they apply a straightforward, earnest, nice guy approach. One might even say they are "cute". But it's still annoying.

Case in point. While enjoying our grilled dogs in the concourse, a couple wearing Cubs jerseys and Cubs caps walks by, with fake ivy around their necks. I point this out to Mrs. DM without comment, to get her reaction. She is a lifelong Reds fan, sportswriter in college, but a girl nonetheless, and a fan of cute things generally. So I didn't know what kind of reaction I'd get. I waited with anticipation.

"Losers", she said, "God, Cubs fans are annoying."


At 2:29 PM, Blogger tmk67 said...

OK, as resident Cub fan on this blog, I will speak up.

First, wearing ivy around your neck is dumb and far worse than Packerfan wearing a cheesehead hat. Real Cub fans eschew camp behavior like that, mostly because the ivy could slip into your beer and make it bitter. A real Cub fan will value the beer above all else.

Cub Fans are extremely loyal. I know of some that took Amtrak to the game from Chicago simply to see the first "Cub" game in DC. In Baltimore last year I met some that drove overnight from somewhere in the Deep South to see the game.

Cub Fans wear our loyalty on our sleeves. We rooted for them to come back in both the Saturday and Sunday one-run games, and we have a lot of practice rooting for them to come back.

Cub Fans also know good baseball. I was sitting on first-base side in the middle of Cub fan-dom on Sunday, and while we were mad about Derek Lee's blast, we all applauded Guillen's catch at the fence.

What Cub fans don't tolerate is uninspired, lazy play, questionable baseball moves, and bad player attitudes. This is why we booed Neifi Perez on Sunday and why we don't like Dusty Baker, who insists on playing Neifi, Jose Macias and Todd Hollandsworth and has managed to squander perhaps the best young pitching rotation in baseball the last three years. It's also why the 2004 edition of the Cubs was so hard to root for, and why we turned on Sammy Sosa, Kyle Farnsworth, Moises Alou and Kent Merker last year.

I guess that might make us losers -- we'd rather cheer on a team that tries hard, plays good, fundamental baseball, and is likeable. All the Cub fans I know similarly respect the Expos/Nats for these qualities (Friday night notwithstanding), and we give props to the Marlins as well.

At 12:27 PM, Blogger David said...

Whoa... You can't ask someone who could be or might have been a Reds fan at some time (let alone a lifelong fan) about Cubs fans! The Reds are one of those sports teams that always goes into the season where analysts say they have a good shot.... they start out well... and then usually they blow it themselves. That's a biased view you got from Mrs DM. =o)

Although i will say Ivy around the neck is much less worse then the cheesehead hats. The Cubs fans are saying they miss the Ivy... the Packer fans are saying thier brains are made of CHEESE!!


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