Sunday, May 15, 2005

Byrd ... Marlon Byrd

Basil over at Nationals Inquirer has done the legwork and summarized the learning, as the lawyers say, on Marlon Byrd, the newest Nat. Thanks to Basil, though I must admit to having not read much of the case law he cites. As the Phils are my ex, I know something about Marlon Byrd. Well, I know that the Phils management is so screwed up that getting any meaningful information about a player's performance there is futile -- Bowa, Wade et al. generated way too much noise around Byrd to give us any insight into what he'll be like here.

Bottom line: I like the deal, because there is a chance that Byrd is good and will play well for us, and you can't say that about Endy. Also, the fact that the Phils took Endy made me smile this morning -- just like any ex, I had that nice "I don't have to put up with that crap anymore" feeling thinking about the trade this morning.

Also, ironically, as I type this, Baseball Tonight is showing Endy lay down a perfect bunt but then fail to slide into first and get tagged out. Enjoy him, Phils fans.


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