Thursday, March 03, 2005

My better half ...

... finally joins the blogosphere, but buries this gem in the comments, which I must bring to a full post:

As wife of DM I have tried to stand back and, well, let DM shine in his own light by way of this oh so clever forum.

Alas I can no longer remain silent . . .

With no offense to anyone, the Wash Post beat writer for
the Nats is JUST AWFUL (Barry Svrluga)

Please please -- no more tired sports cliches about how no one has really ever heard of these guys but gosh golly come the middle of the season we're all going to know them . . . he's written this same tired story in 15 different venues.

Enough already . . .

Please let's not turn into a bunch of Orioles fans before the season
even starts . . .


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