Friday, February 18, 2005

1988 AL MVP Jose Canseco?

Heretofore known as Mr. Unbelievably Fast Career Decline, Mike Greenwell is now taking the position that he was cheated out of the 1988 AL MVP by a steroid-puffed-up Jose Canseco. Apparently taking an IOC/Ben Johnson-esque position, Mr. Greenwell contends that since he finished second, he should be awarded the AL MVP. Although I am sympathetic to this position (recall that Mr. Clean Frank Thomas finished 2nd to Jason Giambi in the 2000 AL MVP race), I have a couple of words for you, Mr. Greenwell:
You weren't even the MVP of your own team in 1988.

Your friend Wade Boggs had an OBP of .476 and SLG of .490, giving him an OPS of .966, besting your mark by .019.

Moreover, if a pitcher should ever win the MVP, Frank Viola had a pretty good case in 1988 - he won 24 games against just 7 losses and had the 3rd best ERA in the league. Kirby Puckett drove in more runs than you and scored more runs than you and led the league with 234 hits.

Newsflash: You were lucky to place second. It was only the traditional bias sportswriters have against high average, high OBP, low-homer hitters like Wade Boggs that got you second place.


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