Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Nats Depth Chart

I had not noticed the Nats' depth chart on the official Web site until, oh, 45 seconds ago. It was last updated February 8th - so I've clearly missed out on an important document.

Notable about the depth chart is that it features an outfield of Terrmel Sledge (LF), Endy Chavez (CF) and Jose Guillen (RF). Where's Brad Wilkerson, you say? He's at first base, while Nick Johnson rides the pine. The rotation is listed as Hernandez / Armas / Ohka / Loaiza / Day.

I note that this depth chart is inconsistent with the February 14, 2005 white board that the Washington Post so disturbingly photographed. (If this were House, Tony Tavares would be screaming, "You're risking our team's trade possibilities!"). That depth chart has Wilkie in the OF and Sledge on the bench.

Notice a disturbing trend here? Endy Dejesus Chavez is in both starting lineups. Endy .303 career OBP Chavez! Endy No Power Chavez. Is the love affair between the Expos and Chavez being renewed in Washington? Do we need an intervention here?

Dear Nats,

Endy is bad for you. Sure, I know how attractive guys with fast wheels can be. They look flashy running around the bases and give you a thrill with their outlaw (base-stealing) behavior. But you got to get on first base to steal, honey, you really do. And a guy like that is only going to cost you runs when you need them most. I'm only telling you because I want you to be happy. I want all of us to be happy. He's not right for you, and you should wake up - at least by April - and dump him before he causes you pain.


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At 8:24 AM, Blogger Basil said...

I think Johnson's safe. That's the way Robinson's been talking recently, and Bowden's column in some Florida newspaper (well, Bowden dictated it to the sportshack) seems to set Johnson in stone at first. (The link is at Capitol Punishment, and I linked to it yesterday, too.)

So, provided status quo holds in March, it looks like it's down to Endy and Terrmel. Well, I guess it comes down to whether the big guys think Wilkerson can handle center everyday.


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