Sunday, April 23, 2006

ERV Boxscore for April 23, vs. Atlanta

Should have won that one. Our paper-thin bullpen is easily torn these days. Armas still looks good, if not very overpowering. After Majewski gives up the triple and gets one out, it seemed to me that he could not get the strikeout that was needed. I would have brought in Cordero, since he's our best pitcher and that was the whole game right there.

BTW, ESPN's coverage is awful. The information provided in the graphics is so thin they might as well not even use them. Plus Miller and Morgan just chat during the game like they are fans watching it. It lulls you into not paying attention to what's going on. They could do a LOT better.

ERV Win: Betemit
ERV Loss: Majewski

Three most valuable plays:
(1) Betemit's HR in the 8th (4.05)
(2) Prado's Triple in the 8th (2.40)
(3) Schneider's GIDP in the 4th (-1.57)


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