Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Post and WPA

I just noticed this today, and thought I would point out that the Post has added a real-time scoring page for Nats games that includes win-probability scoring! Not just any win probability scoring, but the Tangotiger/Studeman/Walk off Balk WPA scoring.

This is probably the most forward-looking move by a major newspaper and it embraces some of the leading-edge thought in baseball. I have my own hesitation on WPA scoring (I worry about sample size for some situations), but I do acknowledge its promise in understanding games and the contributions of players. Kudos to the Post for getting on board the train. If it was the vowel-less one behind this, thank you. We like you despite your Duke education.


At 11:09 PM, Blogger Studes said...

Holy cow! This is great -- thanks for pointing it out.

Technically, they shouldn't be using that data. They should be using the WPA spreadsheet, or even some of the code we're working up at THT. But who cares? Great stuff.


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