Tuesday, April 18, 2006

ERV Boxscore for April 18 at Philadelphia

I didn't see much of this game, but I saw Church's grand slam, which was nice for him but largely irrelevant to this game -- it gets a 0.39 WV, because the chance of winning a 6-3 in the ninth is not much less than a 10-3 game.

ERV Win: Zimmerman
ERV Loss: Rhodes

3 Most Valuable Plays:
(1) Burrell's HR in the 4th (2.03)
(2) Zimmerman's Double in the 8th (1.56)
(3) Rollins getting thrown out in the first (-1.33)


At 12:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

But on the other hand, it does show that Church really can hit. Even though the game wasn't exactly on the line, it's certainly more stressful to bat with three men on, so I think it should still count as a "clutch" hit (if you believe in clutch at all). Plus the effect of a dominant win on the locker room can't be underestimated for a team that needs a stretch of good news.

Dutch getting some nice bats in was icing on the cake. The potential for greatness is there

At 1:25 PM, Blogger DM said...

I think it is good for Church's and this team's confidence, no doubt. Although I think most people agree it is easier to hit with bases loaded, given the smaller margin of error for the pitcher. I was just citing it as a good example of how Win Value treats events at different times in the game.


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