Sunday, April 23, 2006

To the Mailbag!

On the right side of this page, you will find a link to e-mail Nats Blog. Now, I set up that gmail account for access by Dexy's, DM and I, but DM really checks it the most. He's carried on important correspondence with big, BIG figures in the baseball world, and has generally raised the profile of Nats Blog and the WV scoring system (which I still do not understand).

But we do get questions from time to time, and I thought I would dip into the e-mail bag for a quick post. Here we go:


How are you doing with the entire member of your family?

I believed that you will be in better position to corporate with me hence you have vast knowledge in the field of international transaction and Investment.I have been seeking a trust worthy person who understand investment ethics to enter into joint venture partnership on a good lucrative sectors in your country.

The money is ($25,000.000) Millions U.S. dollars and I want to invest this money in any good investment. I need your help urgently for both SAFE KEEPING and INVESTING this money in your country.

And also help me to invest this money in good and profitable sectors in your country because I do not have experience of investment.

I will be very grateful for your urgent response while hoping to do good investments with you on life time ventures. I am CharlesTaylor boy former
president of liberia you can contact me 00971 50 2443308 Kevin need partnership
to invest help.

My best regards.

Mr. Kevin.

Hello, Mr. Kevin! We are doing well with the entire members of our family! Thanks for reading.

I see that you are an astute reader of Nats Blog, recognizing our expertise in international transaction and investments. And thank you for the compliment, we at Nats Blog are trustworthy. I mean, after all, I trust my sanity each and every day with Dexy's. And DM is the last of the famous, international playboys civil servants.

Good and profitable sectors of the economy? Hmm. I see you have $25 million, which is just short of the amount necessary to buy the Washington Nationals. Ok. Have you thought of buying the Florida Marlins? You would have about $10 million left over. With the remainder, I'd recommend Halliburton. They are into two industries: oil and military contracts. Those are big in this town right now.

Hope that helps,

Mr. SuperNoVa


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