Friday, April 14, 2006

ERV Boxscore for April 13, 2006 vs. New York Mets

I was all set. We had just got on the road, with about 3 hours of driving ahead of us. The kids were occupied, and my XM radio was hooked up and I was ready to listen to the entire Nats game in peace. About 8 minutes later, that dream was shattered. I tuned out after the second or third inning, only tuning back in just in time to hear Frank walk the 8th hitter to have Oliver stroke an RBI single. I was secretly pleased with that one, because it was a bonehead move by Frank.

What a miserable game.

ERV Win: Wright
ERV Loss: Hernandez

Three most valuable plays:

(1) Wright's HR in the first (1.98)
(2) Zimmerman's GIDP in the 2nd (-1.22)
(3) Delgado's HR in the 3rd (0.91)


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