Saturday, June 04, 2005

ERV Boxscore for June 3, vs. Marlins

October in June. Are we supposed to get tired of this? How long can we stand it? Tonight we saw a classic battle of two great pitchers (they really are former World Series MVPs, aren't they?), and two very good, if not great, teams. Games like this make me love the unbalanced schedule -- it will be a blast to see these two clubs go at it another dozen times or so.


-- Tonight's box is another good lesson in Win Value. The top three WV guys for the Nats are Johnson, Church and Livan, and a very quiet ERV win for The Stick. Why Johnson? Because he drew the walk that moved Carroll to third, and he had the Triple that essentially scored the 2 other runs. Livan pitched great, of course, but thanks to Beckett, he could not win the game for the Nats. We needed Johnson and Church to team up and finish the job.

-- Gonzalez gets the ERV loss primarily on his error in the 10th and DP in the 11th, which combined were -6.0 WV.

ERV Win: Johnson & Church
ERV Loss: Alex Gonzalez

3 Most Valuable Plays:
(1) Church's SF in the 11th (6.04)
(2) Bump's throwing error in the 11th (-5.84)
(3) Johnson's Walk in the 11th (5.04)

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At 1:21 PM, Blogger Yuda said...

Who took the penalty for the botched double-play ball in the 11th?

At 9:43 PM, Blogger Chris Needham said...

I'm surprised the error wasn't the 'winner' in this game.

Did you not assume the DP?

At 4:05 PM, Blogger DM said...


Your Win Value instinct is excellent. I did not assume the double play, but I admit it was a close call. If I had, the error would have the same WV as Church's hit, 6.04.

Yuda, Nate Bump took the fielding debit. It offset his getting through the 10th and overcoming Gonzalez's error, which was worth about positive 5.0 WV. Note that WV for pitchers on the boxscore includes Fielding WV (well, now it does .. this game highlighted this bug in my spreadsheet)


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