Sunday, May 29, 2005

Automatic Triple

It can happen, and it did, in the Dodgers-Dbacks game I'm watching tonight. Dodger reliever Duaner Sanchez, on a bloop travelling about 6 feet above his head, threw his glove up in the air to block the ball. He did make contact, and picked the ball up and almost got the batter at first. The rule, though, is that the batter gets third base when a fielder obstructs the ball with his glove.

Vin Scully says he has always known the rule, but had never seen it happen in a game before. That is saying something.

P.S. Vin is explaining now that the play is not scored a triple, but a single and two-base error on Sanchez.

P.P.S. This has been a really good game. The "auto-triple" spurred the DBacks to come back from 2 down, and its 4-4 headed into the bottom of the 8th.


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