Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Good News From Spring Training

There hasn't been much posting on Nats Blog lately. Quite frankly, one reason I haven't been posting is that I hate spring training. The games are meaningless and somewhat misleading, and you have to look very closely at the box scores to find out anything useful. In addition, since pitchers work on new pitches, hitters work on new stances, trying to hit to different parts of the field, etc., the stats produced by spring training are useless.

But, the composition of a team's roster going into the season IS meaningful. Thus, I took it with great joy today in reading that Endy Chavez will start the year in AAA. Yes, that's right - Endy Chavez of the you-can't-steal-first-Chavez's will not suck up at-bats and produce outs from the top of the Nats' order.

Now, there are significant questions about how the lineup is structured without a speed-guy like Endy Chavez at the top. However, you should know by now that lineups do not matter much (subscription required), and it's just good to have him out of the lineup.


At 1:01 PM, Blogger tmk67 said...

The scariest part of the Chavez story in the Post today and Boswell's column is the part that I AGREED WITH EVERY JIM BOWDEN QUOTE I READ (well, except for the one in which Bowden said it'd be OK to have a "defensive centerfielder who doesn't get on base" if he "had one more 40 home-run bat" in the lineup.)

We do have to give a little credit here for Bowden and Robinson recognizing a key problem. Let's not be shocked to see the Wily Mo Pena rumors recirculate -- perhaps Sledge and Rauch for Pena?


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