Monday, April 24, 2006

ERV Boxscore for April 25, vs. Reds

Licked by the Lizard. It's hard to say anything more about this game, than you just never know in baseball. We had the pitching matchup here, but Elizardo Ramirez dominated.

But the hit and runs are getting tedious now. I'm fine with Soriano trying to steal in the 8th, and it looked like he got a good jump, so why should Vidro have to worry about protecting him?

ERV Win: Ramirez
ERV Loss: Zimmerman

Three Most Valuable Plays:
(1) Guillen's Single in the 6th (1.35)
(2) Guillen's groundout in the 8th (-1.10)
(3) Church's popout in the 6th (-1.06)


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