Wednesday, April 12, 2006

ERV Boxscore for April 12 vs. New York Mets

With bases loaded and no outs, the average team scores eventually scores 2 runs. Sure, it's RFK and Pedro is pitching, but we had the meat of our lineup at the plate, and we get nothing. That problem is as depressing as it is serious.

Note: I've decided to make assignment of ERV Win and Loss very simple: highest WV for winning team, lowest for losing team gets the Win or Loss. One player, no more. I'll keep tabs on that as the season goes on.

ERV Win: Pedro Martinez
ERV Loss: Jose Guillen

Three most valuable plays:
(1)Jose Guillen's GIDP in the 6th (-2.26)
(2)David Wright's Triple (0.96)
(3) Jose Vidro's HR (0.93)


At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Nats Better Start Trying said...

I think the more serious problem is the complete lack of effort shown by several Nats players. Soriano, Clayton, and Watson weren't even trying on several plays in the field last night. You're not always going to get a big hit when you need it--I can excuse Vidro and Guillen for that--but lack of effort is inexcusable.

At 1:40 PM, Blogger Michael Briggs said...

I also noticed some poor fielding judgments being made by the Nats. Since I'm apparently Bowden: I've decided to promote Church for Watson (despite Church's inability to hit at the AAA level; and any opinion offered or not offered by the manager), leave Soriano in the line-up (for his, um, bat), and give Clayton a couple more games to get his act together.

At 2:46 PM, Anonymous Ann Wuyts said...

Mr. Briggs, the terms of our "pressuring out" deal clearly state that you may not post on Nats Blog.

Now bring me a Heineken.

-Het Groot Ann Wuyts

At 4:56 PM, Blogger Michael Briggs said...

I know that I'll regret saying this, but I've now purchased 25.52% of this blog.

Well, certainly a lot of home-run's hit this game, eh?


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