Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Our Secret Weapon

By now it is clear that RFK is a pitcher's park, which suits the light-hitting Nats quite well. The question as to why it dulls offense, particularly opposing batters, remains open: is it the spacious dimensions? Ample foul ground? Wind patterns in the outfield? Tom Boswell's column today reveals that the secret lies in a smelly Chevy Caprice with intermittent A/C and broken seat belts:
Veteran Arizona outfielder Luis Gonzalez noticed in the Opening Day series that everything about the RFK experience was subtly hostile or alien. ... "None of the cabbies know where RFK is. Everybody's cab fare was different, like $10 or $12 different."

So, the next time you find yourself arguing with a cabbie over whether you crossed H Street, or why he decided to pick up a passenger going in the opposite direction, or when exactly "rush hour" started, remember: your taking one for the team!


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