Sunday, July 10, 2005

ERV Boxscores for July 9 & 10, at Philadelphia

I've posted these boxscores together because these two games, for our purposes, were essentially the same. We had the manpower to win a 7-inning game this weekend, not a 9-inning game, let alone an extra inning game. These games are a good test for us fans -- if you thought, in the late stages, that we had any chance of winning either of these contests, you are truly loyal beyond rationality, and I envy you. I stopped watching at the start of extra innings in both, convinced of our demise.

If we had managed to win these games, then it would be certain that there is a 2005 Nationals team portrait in the bowels of RFK slowly turning into the horrifying 1962 Mets, win by win.

But, hey, the Braves and Marlins lost 2 too, the Mets lost one (but they don't have it this year), and the Phils should be seriously worried that they didn't beat us 8-0 and 10-4. The break comes at the perfect time, and we get Milwaukee to feast on this Thursday. And we'd better feast!

ERV Win: Martinez & Rollins
ERV Loss: W. Cordero, Bennett & Majewski

3 Most Valuable Plays:
(1) Martinez Single in the 12th (6.04)
(2) Pratt's Single in the 12th (4.06)
(3) Utley's GIDP in the 11th (-3.17)

ERV Win: Utley & Bell
ERV Loss: Carrasco

3 Most Valuable Plays:
(1) Utley's Double in the 9th (5.32)
(2) Bell's Sac Fly in the 9th (4.95)
(3) Abreu's single in the 9th (2.33)


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