Tuesday, July 05, 2005

ERV Boxscore for July 4, vs. New York

Look, when you're inserting Jamey Carroll in the 2 slot to pick up the offense, it's a pretty bad sign. And when the guy who was hitting there (or not hitting, as the case may be) isn't benched, just moved down to the 7 slot where he gets one fewer chance to strikeout, it's time to despair. When we all looked at this lineup last Tuesday night, winning 6 straight seemed delusional. As with much this season, our imaginations can become reality.

Speaking of reality, this series is important, and a split is essential, otherwise we give the Mets hope that they can get back in the race, and we have enough competitors in the East.

ERV Win: Hernandez & Offerman
ERV Loss: Kim, Wilkerson & Bennett

Most Valuable Plays:

(1) Offerman's Single in the 9th (3.29)
(2) Cameron's Single in the 7th (2.18)
(3) Wright's Double in the 7th (1.78)


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