Tuesday, June 21, 2005

ERV Boxscore for June 20, at Pittsburgh

I know I should learn to enjoy these kinds of wins, but I can't help but think: Why didn't we do this to the Reds? Anyway, Cristian Guzman continues his slow march back up the RV/WV hill -- as Dexys says, let's hope it continues, because we need all the offense we can get.


-- Sorry for the backlog of boxscores, but I'm on the road and connections, time, etc. have been scarce. I believe, however, that I am in a place that is not on any MLB.tv blackout lists, so I should be able to watch a few games this week, albeit maybe on a bit of a delay.

-- The MLB.tv version of the Pirates game was the Fox feed from Pittsburgh, with Steve Blass and some guy whose name I forgot doing PbP. I must say, Mr. Whats-His-Name was TRULY AWFUL, very close to the worst announcer I have ever heard. He did not tell you what was happening -- he sat there silently until the play was over. Check out his call of Guillen's first homer. It was like he invited you to watch the game with him, not call it for you. I understand not talking too much during a telecast (as opposed to radio), but this was outrageous. It made it very hard to follow the game. Midway through the game they were interviewing some conductor/music professor in the booth. For one whole inning nobody talked about the game at all, and when the good professor finally left, the dork and Steve Blass were checking each others scorecards on the air. It had all the feel of a late September game; I feel for Pirate fans, it's like the announcers have packed it in already. In never thought someone could make me miss Ron Darling.

ERV Win: Hernandez
ERV Loss: M. Redman

3 most valuable plays:

(1) Wilkerson's 2-run Double in the 4th (1.80)
(2) Guzman's 2-run double in the 2nd (1.14)
(3) T. Redman's GIDP in the 3rd (-1.05)

Click on boxscore for larger image.


At 1:18 PM, Blogger Chris Needham said...

Is it fair to give the full credit for the CS to Guzman?

The only reason Guzman broke from third was because Wilkerson was out.

If it can't be split, then certainly Wilkerson deserves more of the blame.

At 4:47 PM, Blogger DM said...

Yes, you're probably right. Wilkerson should get the debit, not Guzman. Thanks for pointing that out.


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