Monday, April 04, 2005

Nationals Baseball and the Hearts and Minds

Well, today was the ultimate test for Nationals Baseball and SuperNova. The Nats game was on opposite DirecTV's Extra Innings showing of the White Sox and Jndjans. Would I be like David Brooks and acknowledge the rectitude of commitment to the Nats? Brooks wrote of his potential split allegiance:
If my love for the Mets is of this sort, then it is proper that I transfer my affections to the Nats. For I have immigrated to Washington, and we immigrants are obliged to set nostalgia aside and assimilate to our new civilization. As Marshall Wittman writes on his Bull Moose blog, "No dual loyalty for the national pastime."

Well, it's going to take more than today. I watched the White Sox vs. Jndjans. Mark Buehrle was brilliant in a Sox 1-0 victory. I flipped over to WDCA-20 to watch the Nats (then down 7-4, and with Ex-Sox and Mullet-Hall-of-Famer Antonio Osuna on the mound), and I felt like I wanted the Nats to come back, wasn't the same.

So I need some work. How about you, dear reader?


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