Thursday, March 31, 2005

Nats, Orioles Have TV Deal

It was announced at about noon today that the Orioles and Nationals would be seen on a regional sports network to be formed by a joint venture of the two clubs. I would be (mildly) surprised if the local dominant cable operator, Comcast, were not included in that deal, but this is a real step forward for both clubs. The ownership of a RSN has proven to be highly profitable for other teams like the Red Sox and Yankees, and hopefully will add to the profitability and competitiveness of both teams.

It's unclear how quickly such a new RSN could be up and running - much less how long it would take to get cable and satellite carriage - but we'll assume that it will be as quickly as humanly possible.

Also note that Peter Angelos - the #1 Democratic supporter in the state of Maryland (and perhaps the country) - gives a shout-out to Maryland's Republican Governor Bob Ehrlich. Strange bedfellows and all.

Let's play ball.


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