Monday, July 04, 2005

The Political Philosophy of Brendan Donnelly

Our favorite cheater, Brendan Donnelly, was quoted in Saturday's Washington Post (in the AL Notes section) as complaining about law and order in the MLB. Brendan appealed his 10 game suspension for the pine tar incident. He received a 2 game reduction in that sentence, but that wasn't good enough. ''If this were a court of law," he said, "I would be free on a technicality. Instead, this is a dictatorship, where one man rules."

Yes, Brendan, you've touched upon a hallmark of totalitarianism -- making sure lawbreakers don't get off on technicalities. That is, when the secret police happen to be in the mood for a show trial.

But I'm sure he had the Angels bloggers nodding in approval with that one.


At 6:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone else out there think that the most recent games are explainable only on the theory that the Nats want to play to the Nats Blog's "playoff pace"? Sweeping the Cubs to get to .500 on the road; and then dropping a game they could've/should've won at home (where they are two games above the .667 "playoff pace"?) If they lose the next two against the Mets (it makes me sick even to suggest that), we'll know the reason...


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