Monday, May 23, 2005

ERV Player Charts ... Batting 7th: Brian Schneider

Over the past couple of weeks Chris over at the very fine Capitol Punishment blog has been taking shots at Schneider, and I objected, pointing to his Win Value, which has consistently been above his RV all season. Well, this chart shows that Chris has a point. The reason Schneider's WV has been higher is because of one hit, his clutch double against the Braves in April. Since then he has treaded water in both RV and WV. But we should note that that is also an accomplishment, as it means he has not choked during that time, either, and has been an average batter during that stretch.

He's entered a bit of a slump recently, but, in the end, this is not a bad chart for a guy who hits number 7 in the lineup.


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