Friday, May 20, 2005

ERV Boxscore for May 20, at Toronto

Revenge of the Canadians! Somewhere up North the handful of people in Montreal who recall the Expos are smiling. Claudio Vargas continues to give the middle relievers a perfect audition to replace him in the rotation.

Actually, before the season started, I was preparing myself for a lot of games exactly like this: our measley offense drowned by a bad inning from one of the starters. It is shocking we haven't seen more of this, as all the right ingredients exist for it to happen, almost every night.


-- I fear that, at a point in the near future, Jeffrey Hammonds' game-winning hit two nights ago will cost us, as it will keep him in the lineup longer than is necessary or appropriate. Thanks to Win Value, we can determine that unhappy moment with precision. That hit alone earned him 6.04 WV credit, and since then he has spent 1.23 WV on Thursday, but earned back 0.45 tonight, so he has 5.26 left.

ERV Win: Wells, Hill & Lilly
ERV Loss: Vargas, Guzman & Schneider

3 Most Valuable Plays:

(1) Hill's Triple in the 4th (2.32)
(2) Wells' Home Run in the 4th (2.30)
(3) Hillenbrand's hitting into a DP in the 1st (-1.15)

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