Saturday, May 21, 2005

ERV Boxscore for May 21, at Toronto

The most interesting number from today's game is not on the ERV Boxscore -- 2:03. That was the time of game, which is surprising given the number of runs (for the Jays, of course). As Dave Shea remarked in the Ninth, it's as if the Nats were rushing to make dinner reservations. Let's hope the steak was good.


-- Jeffrey Hammonds manages to get a productive at bat in the first inning, so his credit from the game-winning hit now stands at 5.50, but it is merely delaying the inevitable.

ERV Win: Halladay, Hudson & Rios
ERV Loss: Armas & Castilla

3 Most Valuable Plays:

(1) Rios' Triple in the 1st (1.55)
(2) Hill's Double in the 2nd (0.99)
(3) Castilla's GIDP in the 2nd (-0.91)


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