Wednesday, May 18, 2005

ERV Player Charts ... Batting 2nd: Jamey Carroll

Now things get more interesting with this chart (this does not include tonight's game). Most people, including myself, would say that Carroll has played pretty well the past couple of weeks. But this chart doesn't look so good, does it? What gives?

A couple of things. First, sacrifice bunts. Each time he does it, he loses 0.21 RV, and so that has cost him nearly 1 RV (and it's not a positive under WV, either). A bit unfair to him, since it is likely Frank's call to bunt. Second, the red line spike around May 10th indicates that he had some clutch hits then, which helped create the conventional wisdom about his play in our minds. Also, his WV is generally higher than his RV, which means he has done slightly better in the clutch.

But this chart definitely indicates a downward trend for Jamey, and if that continues, the luster might come off his reputation very soon.


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