Saturday, November 27, 2004

Some Nats Bright Spots

Going through the roster as I did, I thought I'd fill your Saturday (or maybe Sunday or Monday, whenever you get around to reading this) with some hidden gems on the Nats' roster, as you familiarize yourself with our new DC9 (don't like that link? How about this DC9 link?). In no particular order, here are three:

(1) 30-year-old Jamey Carroll. Jamey made it into 102 games with the Ex-Expos last year and sported a .378 OBP, with 32 walks and only 21 strikeouts in 218 at bats.

(2) Luis Ayala is a helluva reliever. He appeared in 81 games last year, pitching 90 1/3 innings with a 2.69 ERA with 15 walks and 63 strikeouts. By Jeeves, we've got a reliever with a 4-to-1 K/BB ratio! How he was pinned with 12 losses, I'll never know. White Sox fan as I am, I'd never heard of this guy, but he's apparently good.

(3) Chad Cordero can pitch a little bit, too - 83 strikeouts and a 2.94 ERA in 82 innings. Not a big fan of the 43 walks, though, Chad.


At 10:36 AM, Blogger dexys_midnight said...

good calls, although I think that Cordero is by far the gem of the trio. Carroll probably sucks. He has less power than Rey Ordonez (a slugging average LESS than his OBP), and there isn't much to say that the decent OBP last year wasn't somewhat flukish. Ayala has some interesting stuff. A .268 batting average against is very worrisome though. Cordero, however, has hot stuff. The high walk total is troublesome, but he is only 22 years old and will hopefully grow out of that. High Ks, hard as hell to hit, a good ERA and young? THIS is a prospect!


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