Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Draft -- Where Do You Stand?

I don't have nearly enough knowledge to provide any meaningful commentary on the Nats draft selections, so please visit Nationals Farm Authority, Capital Punishment, and Federal Baseball for real information on that. But I will use it as an excuse to comment on an interesting segment I heard last night on XM Radio. Chuck Wilson, who is quite good and is vastly under-utilized on MLB Home Plate, replayed quotes surrounding the controversy over Luke Hochevar, the first overal pick of this year's draft. Hochevar was drafted by the Dodgers last year and nearly signed with them, but then swtiched to agent Scott Boras at the last minute, didn't sign, and opted to re-enter the draft this year.

First, Wilson played a quote from Hochevar's former agent (I didn't catch his name), who complained that Hochevar left a voicemail for some Dodgers executive 45 minutes before he backed out the deal saying how happy and excited he was to be a Dodger. He painted the picture of a kid who went back on his word at the last minute purely for more money. Then Wilson played Scott Boras' reaction to that quote, who argued that the former agent was inexperienced and, in doing the deal with the Dodgers, was essentially putting his interest in establishing relationships with the Dodgers and build up a stable of MLB players ahead of Hochevar's interest, and would have left, in Boras' view, millions of Hochevar's dollars on the table. Then Wilson played a quote from Hochevar, who pretty much echoed Boras' points by saying young players should go with experienced agents like Boras. To me, he'd been coached pretty well on that answer.

Who's right? Who knows. Economically, we'll find out if Hochevar made the right move when we learn the size of his contract with Kansas City, but it seems that being picked first overall will get more $$ than being picked 40th like he was last year. So Hochevar may have made a good gamble, which was largely good because of the weak draft this year. I will say that my first instinct was to side with the former agent, and to view Hochevar as a spoiled greedy kid, but I have to say Boras made a good argument to my rational side that the Dodgers' deal would not have been the best for Hochevar, and his claims about the former agent had the ring of truth to them.

But what struck me as really interesting was this question: On which side of the line, management or player, do we fans typically fall? We obviously identify with the players first and foremost, because we watch them all the time and root for them. But we typically only like players on our team, so when it comes to contract disputes, we can be quick to say that player is greedy if they are threaten to leave or not sign with our club. We also like to complain about large salaries and agents like Boras. On the other hand, if the player is beloved by most fans, then we curse management for not giving in to every demand he makes. In the end, I'm not sure there's a clear answer to the question, but I do think we are not careful enough to consider the different perspectives of the parties involved, and Chuck Wilson's segment on XM helped me understand where guys like Hochevar and Boras are coming from in making the decisions they make.


At 7:43 PM, Blogger Basil said...

Two things:

1. Hochevar is represented by Scott Boras.

2. This---

We obviously identify with the players first and foremost, because we watch them all the time and root for them. But we typically only like players on our team, so when it comes to contract disputes, we can be quick to say that player is greedy if they are threaten to leave or not sign with our club.

---is an excellent insight, even more so in the FA era, I'd imagine.

At 7:53 PM, Blogger DM said...

Thanks, Basil. I knew that Boras represented Hochevar, and should have made that more clear in the post.

But where do you stand? I think that I am generally in favor of the players individually, but against them collectively. Sort of like Congress.

At 3:35 PM, Blogger Mean Dean said...

Oh, my experience has definitely been that fans identify much more with the owners. Only in groups dominated by sabermetricians/statheads have I seen a tendency to side with players. The further down the ladder you go in terms of analytical thinking, the more anti-player the attitude gets, until you get all the way down to sports talk radio or whatever scariness might lie even below that.

I always figured that this was because:

- People think that whatever the owners did to make their money was more useful to society than hitting or throwing a ball.

- People know exactly how much the players make, but they have no clue whatsoever how much the owners make. If the owners had to open the books on their team income -- or better yet, just open the books on their incomes in general -- it'd most likely completely change the way the public reacts to labor issues.

At 10:46 PM, Blogger Nate said...

I dunno, I think it's possible to align with the club against both the players and the owner when the need arises (see Angelos, Peter and Belle, Albert.)

But in the era of free agency owners (for better or worse) are much more the public faces of their clubs then they used to be.

At 3:08 AM, Blogger DM said...

Mean Dean, I think you're right in most cases, because we root for teams, not players. We here want to see the Nats win, and could care less what Esteban Loaiza and Brad Wilkerson do now that they are gone. This is a good barometer for type of fan -- some are so into the team that it's positively Orwellian ("We Love Brad Wilkerson! We Hate Brad Wilkerson!"), while others are more skeptical and actually follow players to other teams. Indeed, I became a low-grade Milwaukee Brewers fan in the 70s and 80s after my namesake Don Money left this Phillies for the Brewers, and liked the Mets when Lenny Dykstra played for them.

And the plight of individual players is largely obscure to most fans. Watching the Ryan Church saga with the Nats has really opened my eyes to that.

At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Simon Oliver Lockwood said...

People root for the teams rather than the players. In the days before roto / fantasy baseball that was even more pronounced.

People identify with the players rather than the owners (who are people so rich that few can identify with them), but paradoxically that makes them more likely to side with the owners in labor disputes. They think, "I'd be so grateful to be able to make my living playing baseball that I'd be glad to accept the paltry 6 or 7 figure salary these guys are getting." Even pre-free agency, most baseball players were making upper-middle-class type incomes, and this was an era when fewer people were exposed to the conspicuous consumption of the rich and famous.

I don't think it's sabermetrics that causes the fanatics to side with the players, I think it's more likely reading books like "Ball Four," "The Long Season," or "The Bronx Zoo," that shows what kind of dicks management can be that cause people like us to side with the players.

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