Monday, March 20, 2006

Left Out

As our anonymous commenter has mentioned, Alfonso Soriano has refused to take the field this evening.

It even got to the point - and this is farcical at this point - that Soriano was in the lineup playing left field and did not show up in the top of the first. The Nats had Eight Men Out in the field.

Now, do not get me wrong. Alfonso Soriano is a jerk. A big selfish jerk who should never get another job in the major leagues. In fact, I doubt he gets signed as a free agent by anyone next year.

But this is an embarrassment. A total, unequivocal embarrassment to what has become, under the reign of Jim Bowden, the laughingstock of professional sports.

UPDATE - 8:34 PM

The Associated Press now has a story up about Soriano's refusal to take the field. It adds a little more light onto the situation, including this choice quote from Jim Bowden:

"We told him if we get to Thursday, and he refuses to play left field, we
told him at that point we will request that the commissioner's office place
him on the disqualified list, at that time -- no pay, no service time,"
Bowden said.

"If he refuses to play and goes home, and the commissioner's office
accepts our request to place him on the disqualified list, then at that point,
if he were to sit out this year, he would not be a free agent, he would stay our
property because his service time would stay the same."
In other words, Soriano will be in limbo - no pay, no free agency, no nothing - unless he picks up his glove and heads to left. If he does go to left field, Soriano could conceivably engage in a type of Operation Shutdown - playing poorly, not trying hard enough. That would kill his value in the free agent market - especially if he did so in a way that was obvious - and he would be cutting off his nose to spite his face. He'd get his $10 million, but would not get the big contract at the end of the season.

One wonders what his agent's role is at this point. He cannot be doing Soriano a service if he is advising him to refuse to play. Nothing good can come of this for Soriano. Assuming his agent is not totally incompetent, it looks like Soriano is driving this train. And he's driving it off a cliff. Thank heavens that he is taking Jim Bowden with him.


At 8:39 PM, Anonymous i cant spell said...

Being a jerk isnt important. He will get 10 mil form some dumbass like steinbrenner

At 9:35 AM, Anonymous Nycole said...

Soriano's head is getting a little too big. When people talk about him they talk about his numbers as a hitter. They do not talk about him as a fielder. Why? He's not that great. He's got legs but he still has no discipline at the plate and strikes out often. If you swing that much, you're bound to hit something.
Bowden and the National's need to let him know that winning is about a TEAM not just one guy. They need to let Soriano know that he can't bully them into letting him play the position he wants, especially when they have a better glove already in place. Soriano got a little taste of fame when he was in New York and now he's looking for the big payoff. They payoff will come when the fans like him and what he's doing on the field, but if he never actually gets on the field that won't happen. Right now many fans simply think he's a jackass.
Oh, and to the guy who thinks Steinbrenner is a "dumbass" who will give Soriano 10 mil. Two things, Steinbrenner had the guts to buy a bottom of the barrel basebll team in the early 1970's when no one else wanted them, and he wouldn't pay Soriano 10 mil, because he DIDN"T pay Soriano 10 mil, he released him.

At 9:48 AM, Blogger SuperNoVa said...

Dunno about Steinbrenner having much guts when he bought the #1 market Yankees from CBS. It's a little known fact that he actually wanted the Cleveland Indians. When he failed to get them, he got the Yankees.

Cashman actually traded Soriano as part of the A-Rod deal; they didn't release him.

At 10:59 AM, Blogger Adam said...

This the beginning of the end for Soriano. How selfish can you be? He's been traded to 2 teams that already had All-Star second basemen. At Texas, Young moved to SS as a benefit of the TEAM. Soriano isn't even very good defensively. He's known more for his power numbers. It's not like your asking Cal Ripken Jr. to play outfield.

Even now I wouldn't trust him in the OF. He'll probably let every ball fall through or go over his head.

At 11:17 AM, Blogger dexys_midnight said...

Oh SuperNova, you are missing the point...our readers are fighting each other and not us! :-p Yay readers!!!

Here's the only stat Bowden needs to present Soriano with: Hey Alfonso, your fielding percentage...the lowest among of all second baseman (with 650 minimum games played) for the last 50! years. You are not playing second for us.

Of course, Soriano wins that argument simply by responding "Jim, you're the idiot that traded for me."

Which brings us full circle to blaming this all on the lack of an owner. A real owner hears that Soriano is going to refuse the move and says "no Jim, you can't do this, it will kill our team." I mean, someone has to be responsible as the approver of deals like this. Has Jim Bowden (picture me saying it in an incredulous high-pitched voice like Jim BOWDEN?!?) been given carte blanche to do whatever he wants whenever he wants? Did Tavares green light this? Did some cabal of MLB owners say ok, whatever, it won't be our problem (as they chuckled uncontrollably)?

This is a true test of what fans will stand just to have a team in their city. That 29 owners have combined to make this team a shambles before it even starts its second year here.

At 4:02 AM, Anonymous said...

The clubs have admitted the problem. They worked a trade involving a multi-year All Star and treating him as 180 lbs. of raw meat.
The professional approach was to advise him of what was involved and the reasons for the trade.
But MLB management is not known for professionalism -- Back Stabbing, Back Biting, Under the Table dealing and outright lying to the athletes who make it happen is common. Has always been common and probably always will be the standard.
Soriano is well known for his disinterest in playing anywhere but Second Base.
These idiots traded for him without telling him they want him in the outfield.
Regardless of his Golden Glove credentials, the man is a multi-year All Star.
That rates something more than double-dealing.


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