Friday, February 24, 2006

Sportstalk with Little DM

Here's today's pre-preschool conversation:

Little DM: Dad, how many baseball teams would there be if you took two away?
DM: 28. Why?
Little DM: Then I want 28 baseball caps.
DM: Which two teams don't you want?
Little DM: Pirates and Rangers.
DM: You know who's on the Rangers now?
Little DM: Who?
DM: Brad Wilkerson.
Little DM: I like him a little bit. But I wish he would switch back to the Nationals.
DM: Me too. But we now have Alfonso Soriano.
Little DM: I don't really like him. I only like Chad Cordero, because he's a rookie!
DM: Well, he's not a rookie anymore. After your first year is over, you can't be a rookie.
Little DM: But if he switches to football, he would be a rookie, right?
DM: Umm ... yes.
Little DM: When I grow up, I'm going to play for the Dodgers, then the Marlins, then the Ravens and then the Seahawks.


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