Friday, April 15, 2005

DM's Opening Night Thoughts

I don't have much to add to SNV and Dexys, who captured a lot of the excitement last night. As they and others describe, RFK is shabby and worn-out, and there is a slapdash feel to the refurbishment. But I fell in love with baseball in a shabby, worn-out stadium (the Vet), and last night reminded me why. What impressed me the most were the Nats and their fans -- both acted like it was a wedding after a long engagement, not a nervous first date. The play was superb (we have a lot of tough-minded players, it appears -- a sliver lining from the Montreal trauma, perhaps) and the crowd was great (there really are a lot of good baseball fans in DC -- despite the "glam" around us, our section knew the ropes). You can build a new ballpark with no wait for barbecue chicken sandwiches and TVs in the bathrooms, but as long as Nick Johnson is diving to his left to rob a double and the crowd rightfully appreciates that, I'll be fine.


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