Thursday, April 14, 2005

Any Number of Milestones

Well, not only are DM, Dexy's and yours truly heading off to Opening Night [Ed. note - those lyrics sites do sure have some nasty plug-in pop-ups, don't they?], we at Nats Blog are happy to celebrate our 10,000th visit. Now, about 7,000 of those visits are just DM, Dexy's and yours truly loading the page over and over again to see what each other have said, but at least our counter says 10,000!

(Sadly, my White Sox blog, in operation for 8 months longer and with far more meaningful content, has fewer than 6,000 hits. Oh well, I don't have two co-authors to jack my hit count up.)

So tonight is the night. It's all been essentially a fantasy up until this point. DM has made the point in the past that he won't believe it's happening until he's sitting in the seats, drinking a beer and watching a game that counts in the standing. Well, we cross that bridge tonight, old buddy (bridge/Alec Guinness/beer - you get it, right?). You'll have to be a believer tonight.

Tonight's gear for SNV - fitted blue road cap, size 7 1/4, gray sweater, John Kerry-barn-jacket-purchased-well-before-John-Kerry-started-wearing-barn-jackets. Under it all....a long sleeve White Sox t-shirt...

[DM Edit: Given the historic moment, it is worth looking back at our first post, which shows that this blog was born of skepticism and will remain of skepticism in many things. Even tonight, I've heard that Linda Cropp will be going to the game, so I still think there is room for a fiasco. But even crusty old me is getting pumped -- Dexys and I were remarking that this might be the biggest sports event we've ever been to, or at least the one with the most hype and anticipation. It should be a blast, and let's hope there's more to come in October!]


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