Thursday, November 18, 2004

Dear Readers!

We know you are out there, we've got SiteMeter. You come from strange and inviting domains like,,, (are you guys accepting bombing coordinates?), and

Nats Blog is an interactive forum. Don't just read it, use it! We have included links for commenting on our posts (click on the little comment button if you have something to say). If you want to say it in an e-mail, send one to us at We may even post it if it's clever. If it's really clever, we'll just steal the idea and post it like it was our own.

Listen, we aren't exactly getting the '27 Yankees here in DC. We are getting a team that has been dogged by a dozen years of poor attendance in a lovely, but not baseball-loving, French Canadian city. It's going to hurt the first couple of years. But we might as well have some fun, and simply share the joy of having Major League Baseball in town. Join us in having some fun.


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