Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Moneyball Debate

This is a very engaging, almost LOL debate at Baseball America's website between "stat" guys (including Voros McCracken) and "scout" guys over the whole "Moneyball" issue -- whether teams should assess players based on stats or scouting or both. It reads more like a teleplay than real debate, with Eddie Bane of the Angels playing the role of grizzled scout rejecting the devotion to stats, and McCracken the cool statistician, confident in the evidence on his side. (After you've read it, ask yourself, does Eddie really have any clue what DIPS is -- he keeps saying "we read all the DIPS stuff" like someone touting how his computer has a lot of "megahertz" in it). Note that (re: SuperNova's post on Loaiza) one thing McCracken would like to have is a database of radar gun readings for pitchers. (Tip: Nationals Review)


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