Saturday, December 18, 2004

Sources of Funding

Boy, it would be fun to see a list of these!

But let's start thinking outside the box, Nats fans. How can we raise the $140 million?

-- Get a job as head of the D.C. Teachers' Union? ($5 million)

-- Get a job as parking lot attendant for Metro? ($1 million per year)

-- Get a job as a principal/bus salesman in a D.C. public school? (approx $50,000)

-- Get a job collecting petitions for Linda Cropp's mayoral run? (?????)

-- Get a job as a D.C. corrections officer? (????)

-- Ask former mayor Sharon Pratt to do another "bioterrorism" study? ($236,000)

Let's face it. The "entrepreneurial" spirit lives in and around D.C. government, in an abundant, untapped reservoir of folks who make a little go a long way. A balanced, diversified portfolio of kickbacks, graft, bribes, embezzlement, asset mismanagement, misappropriation, accounting irregularties, sinecures and cronyism should raise the 140 extra-large in no time.


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