Thursday, January 12, 2006

Competition is a good thing?

So, it was reported today that Sammy Sosa is nearing a deal with the Nationals to compete for the left-field job. Yes, the same left-field job that Bowden wants Alfonso Soriano to take.

Now, the article says that it would be a non-guaranteed minor league contract (how fast the mighty have fallen), so maybe this is a nothing story. But assuming it is accurate, here is what we know:
1) Bowden assured Vidro that Vidro would be playing second even if they signed Soriano.
2) Bowden did not talk to Soriano about playing left field before signing him despite Soriano refusing to do same for two other teams.
3) Bowden traded Wilkerson, Sledge and a prospect (Galarraga) for Soriano, who if we offer him arbitration is expected to make $10 million next year.
4) Soriano has come out and said there is absolutely no way he will play any position but second base for the Nats and that no matter what, he will only be here one year as he hates the idea of playing in the NL.
5) Bowden will now have to tell Soriano that not only are you playing left field, but that's if you win the job against Sosa. Essentially, we may pay you $10 million to sit on the bench and sulk.

Does ANY of that make sense? Did I miss something and Sosa can play shortstop or pitch? What this says to me is that Vidro better not make any April reservations at DC Coast or Vidalia because I don't see how you keep him and Soriano and Sosa, and if Bowden is the one that signs Soriano and Sosa, he knows he will look like an idiot if he has to trade Soriano for no value after letting the face of the franchise go to Texas. Did I mention that we hear at Nats Blog haven't thought all that highly of the job Jim Bowden has done so far? Like I said, this may all be smoke with no fire because Sammy may not want such a contract and we may not actually pay him anything to just try out, but Jose Vidro cannot be comfortable this afternoon.


At 11:34 AM, Blogger Harper said...

I think if Sosa signs, Soriano will be tried in center. If Sosa fails, he'll be shifted back to left. There's no way Soriano would sit the bench. It makes no sense for the lineup or his trade value. Of course an OF where Guillen is head and shoulders the best fielder is a scary proposition, but don't concern Bowden with that. Fielding only matters for SSs.


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