Sunday, April 16, 2006

The cooling of Dutch

Is it too late to ask for a second honeymoon? After a great September call-up and a hot first two games to start the season including a clutch game-tying homerun against the Mets in game 2, Ryan Zimmerman has cooled off considerably. Now, admittedly Ryan has a lot of pressure being the only young gun and a supposed savior to a really bad team. But every now and then, I think too much and start wondering that Bowden and team have overhyped him in Bowden's constant attempts to save his job. The main reason I have for this over-thinking is that Zim kept being touted as the next Scott Rolen before he committed error after error in the spring--and while he hasn't been error-prone in the first couple of regular season weeks, I have definitely seen him miss a couple of balls that most 3rd basemen would have gotten to or read earlier.

But obviously, right now, his bat is most troubling--especially for a guy that we have been batting in the meat of the order. Since game 2, the at-bat where he took Billy Wagner long, Zimmerman has been far from a dutch treat. 3 of his 10 hits (and both his extra base hits) were in the first 2 games and 3 of his 6 walks were in those games too. So in the last 10 games, he has had a .175 Avg, a .204 OBP and a .175 SLG (since all his hits have been singles) for a .379 OPS. You put a .379 OPS in the middle of your lineup for a 10 game span and you aren't going to win many games (especially with some of our other guys). Even when you include the first two games, Ryan's OPS with men on and 2 outs is only .321 with 7! K's in 16 plate appearances.

So, anyway, here is hoping that Ryan gets his act together. It's early in the season and I certainly think that he'll pull it together. I'd just like to see him do it sooner rather than later.


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