Friday, February 24, 2006

Jim Bowden and Isiah Thomas: The Trade

There are some things in sports that are arguable and some that aren't. Well, I think it is getting to the point where one can't argue against the proposition that Isiah Thomas and Jim Bowden are the two worst GM's in sports, with Thomas having the clear edge (Yay for the Nats, we're #2--I guess one could currently argue Jim could be anywhere from #2-#4, but he's our Jim, so I say #2).
Then... it hit me today. The trade that could put these guys on the map and solidify their 1-2 positions as the worst GMs in sports.

Steve Francis for Alfonso Soriano.

Just think about it. The possibilities are endless. Especially when Soriano demands to play point guard and Francis says he wants to play second base alongside Vidro "just for the hell of it." Oh, Jim, Isiah, please make this happen. We're talking about history here. The only part to iron out will be when each guy demands that he be allowed to give up cash in the deal as well.


At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lawrence out through August? Argh!


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