Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I was's better!

Happened to go on the Nats official site, chock full of good stuff by Bill Ladson :-p and discovered a number of interesting factoids that made me cringe so much, I had to go to bed immediately.

1) The Nationals remain interested in Sammy Sosa. The most interesting parts of this article are that Sammy's agent appears to be angling not only for a major league deal, as opposed to the minor league one the Nats offered, but a deal that would probably make Sammy one of the Nats four or so highest paid players--I can only suspect that is what a "decent salary" is to a guy who made $17 million last year.

The bigger issue is this nugget of info buried later in the article (as I had thought Sosa would be fighting it out for left field or as a general OF backup):
"If Sosa were to make the team out of Spring Training, the Nationals could have an outfield of Guillen in left field, Soriano in center and Sosa, while Marlon Byrd, Ryan Church, Michael Tucker and Robert Fick would become the reserves in the outfield. Brandon Watson, currently the leading candidate to start in center field, would likely begin the season at Triple-A New Orleans. "

OK, anybody else see wha's wrong with that? First, you have a guy who was a butcher at second in Soriano playing center if Sosa makes the team. Second, you have Sosa playing instead of Ryan Church. But biggest of all, this article says that Church isn't starting no matter what happens next year (with the possible exception of Sosa and Soriano BOTH not being on the team). Ignoring the fact that the article states that a guy, Brandon Watson, would be sent down to AAA if Sosa makes the team, but would jump FOUR other guys and start in center if Sosa doesn't make the team, has everyone in that freakin' nuthouse they call a front office forgotten that Ryan Church, with a .819 OPS was the clubs' second best hitter after Nick Johnson last year? Poor Ryan Church. I mean, seriously, either give this guy a chance or trade him--because other teams will actually use him.

2) Speaking of Nick Johnson, our overwhelmingly best player who with an outrageously high on-base percentage is tailor-made for RFK, Ladson says that he wouldn't be surprised if Larry Broadway started at first for the Nats in 2007. Well, if Larry Broadway is that good, we have to find someway to get these guys both in the lineup because guys with over .400 on base percentages don't grow on trees (or in our farm system). If Broadway can't deliver like that and Johnson doesn't suffer through injuries this year, we better lock Nick up.

3) Oh...and speaking of being locked up, my favorite "sentences" of the offseason regarding the Nats so far came from this Ladson article:
"The team also is monitoring Ugueth Urbina's legal proceedings in Venezuela, according to a baseball source. . . . Urbina, 31, is currently in a Venezuelan prison on attempted murder charges. The source said if Urbina is set free, he could be a good fit out of the bullpen for the Nationals. "
The craziest part of all that? My inside scouts tell me that came from team President Tony Tavares only. Jim Bowden, however, is even more optimistic: "If he gets a conviction, I can probably get him for $2.9 million instead of $3 million. It's worth the risk! That guy's like gasoline; When he's hot, everything around him catches on fire."

p.s. That article also said the Nats were shopping for another first baseman. All the better to take time from both Nick Johnson and Larry Broadway. Way to go, Jim.


At 2:58 PM, Blogger Mean Dean said...

Mariano Rivera wouldn't have blown that "attempted" murder.

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