Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Nats (blog)'s new owner!

No, the Washington Nationals still don't have a new owner as of yet. But I did notice something today while doing a little web surfing.
This here esteemed blog you are reading apparently does have a new owner, and his name is Michael Briggs. Potential pictures of Mr. Briggs can be found here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here. According to blogshares, a site that seemingly does nothing but make up values for blogs (whoo hoo, we're worth almost $2000 per share!) so that people can pretend to buy and sell said blogs, Mr. Briggs has bought 4000 Nats Blog shares and now owns an 80% stake in our blog (what do you mean, I can't say "our" blog anymore?).
Whoever he is, we know that Mr. Briggs has outstanding taste and financial acumen. He probably dislikes Jim Bowden just as much as we (what do you mean we can't talk badly about Jim Bowden anymore? What? What psuedonym? Starts with B.... 6're kidding me). This just in folks: We now love Jim Bowden and everything he stands for, including fielding two second basemen at the same time! All HAIL Jim Bowden!!!!

(stupid new owner. I'll be in my trailer.)

In other tidbits, I also noticed from our sitemeter readings, that readership spiked dramatically the day after the Soriano signing and has the day of or day after numerous other big events. That actually means that people are coming to US for news and views on news. To the children of America: that is scary stuff. I'm sure with Mr. "Briggs"'s crystal clear vision, we are sure to become one of the top news sites in the entire world (dedicated to sarcastic views on the Washington Nationals, pop culture, and random irritances).


At 4:04 PM, Blogger Nate said...

It seems that Mr. Briggs also has an 80% stake in Nats Triple Play. So besides being a man of discriminating tastes he also has an unhealthy affection for 3-man blogs.

Seeing as how we are now part of the same conglomerate blogging empire, I'm sure you won't mind if I rip of your posts wholesale, without attribution. It's not plagerism, it's the efficient allocation of corporate resources.

At 3:16 PM, Blogger Michael Briggs said...

I also "own" an 80% stake in such Nats blogs as: Banks of the Anacostia, Nasty Nats, NatFantics, Nationals Farm Authority, Nationals Journal, Nationals Review, The Curly W., and 100% of Nationals Baseball Fan (along with other baseball blogs - currently have $18.3 million invested in baseball blogs - $7.8 million in "The Nats Blog").

You all are doing such a fine job that I didn't want to ruin things by noting the change in ownership.

Oh, and the "Nationals Baseball Fan" blog happens to be my blog; I did take a break there for roughly 2 1/2 months, keeping up my blog, I mean.


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