Thursday, December 29, 2005

Jim Bowden's rationale

Well, DM beat me to a post on the Ramon Ortiz signing. At first, after looking at Ortiz's stats: a woeful 83 ERA+ (ERA+ is a player's ERA relative to all other pitchers taking into account his league and ballpark effects, etc. A score of 100 is an average pitcher--for reference, John Patterson had an ERA+ of 127 last year); a .302 batting average against; only 96 Ks despite making 30 starts; the fact that the only stat he has ever led his league in is home runs allowed; and so on.... I figured, well this is a nice stockpile of #5 (or 6?) starters we are building. I wondered... that can't be Jim Bowden's intent, could it?

And then I saw it. The Nationals went 1-5 against the Reds last year. The only time the Nats won? When Ramon Ortiz pitched for the Reds. Clearly, we here at Nats Blog have stumbled upon Jim Bowden's reasoning: When Ramon Ortiz pitches in a Nationals game, the Nats win.


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