Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Digging in heels for a long winter

As I mentioned last week, it appeared to me that all signs pointed towards the city council voting no on the stadium lease, which meant we were heading in the direction of courts (or arbitration to start with) and claims of breach of contract, and that it would be quite some time before this team had a real owner. Apparently, Mayor Williams agrees with me. The vote on the lease is supposed to take place today, but the Mayor has asked Ms. Cropp to delay said vote because, well, he'll lose. I'm not even sure why Cropp would delay the vote if she wants the lease to fail (except of course for her love of the spotlight), but expect more politicking to result in delay, delay, DeLay.

Not voting at all on the lease assures that we won't have an owner for a while as MLB has said no lease = no owner. (On another note, MLB has also said "No Roger, no Rerun, no rent."). On the other hand, a no vote on the lease assures that we won't have an owner for a really long time. Either way, we as fans are forced to wait as the free agent market passes us by.


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