Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Depressing Ladson article

When a guy (Bill Ladson) who has the job of slurping the Nats has a mailbag that reads this depressing for Nats fans, things are bad.

In his response to emailers, Ladson a) Dismisses an emailer' suggestion of Nomar Garciaparra with the back of his hand, saying "the Nationals have a shortstop named Cristian Guzman, who will play every day"; b) mentions over and over and over that the Nats can't sign anyone before they get an owner as they have absolutely no budget set until then, meaning according to Ladson, no Loaiza, no Garciaparra, no Javier Vazquez, no Juan Pierre. I'm not saying we would even want all/any of these guys, but Ladson's response to a question on each of them was that the "the Nationals don't have a budget because ownership is not in place"; c) doesn't really mention anything that fans can feel good about in the offseason (unless you count his belief that Armas won't be back).
Of course, this is the same guy that when asked what former Expos/Nationals he could have back in a fantasy world fails to mention Pedro Martinez and talks about our solid everyday players like Guzman and Byrd. Oh well. I suppose this is all if everyone involved in the stadium construction and lease fiascos don't kill the team for us. Hey. Happy Thanksgiving!!


At 9:39 PM, Blogger Chris Needham said...

What cheeses me off about the "we don't have a budget" answer is that it's NOT TRUE.

We don't know what the upper reaches of the budget are, but there's no way that they'd CUT the budget this year, so figure on a baseline of $55 million.

If Bowden proceeded, using that figure as his baseline, he could have moves to bring one or two decent players in. (And by decent, I mean mediocre)


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