Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Should we just trade Ryan Church?

Last night was besides being one of the 10 worst managerial moves I've ever seen by pinch hitting Jamey Carroll for Ryan Church, but an enormous slap in the face to young Private Ryan.

I don't like when players "demand" trades, especially ones that haven't proven much, but I can't say that if I were Ryan Church, I wouldn't be demanding a trade this morning.

Nick Johnson gets hurt and you can't get more playing time. You end up platooning with Marlon Byrd. A trade for Preston Wilson says you will be playing even less when Johnson gets back. The manager pulls you every time you even sniff a lefty. And then, in a clutch situation in the 9th inning, you get pulled for Jamey Carroll.

On a team that has pretty much no offense, Ryan Church has managed to hit .318 with a little power and a decent glove, and he gets no respect from Frank Robinson or Jim Bowden. Ryan has nothing left to prove. It is the stupidity of management that is holding him back at this point, and he deserves better.

Let's set up the situation last night...down 5-4, men on 1st and 2nd, one out, a lefty pitching. And Church gets pulled for Jamey Carroll.
You might say, well, Church is a lefty, he probably has bad stats against lefties. Ahem.
.407 OBP, .625 SLG for a staggering 1.032 OPS and we all remember his game winning home run against a lefty just a couple months ago.
Jamey Carroll on the other hand has 3 extra base hits (all doubles) in 64 plate appearances against lefties..he gets on base a good amount, but only registers with a .776 OPS, over 250 points lower than Church.
I don't want to bash Carroll....he's a way better option than Guzman (I can't bear to write about Guzman today), but he is no Ryan Church.
My gut says that Frank was playing not to win the game, but not to lose, and he somehow figured Carroll would do that better. It's an idiotic strategy to begin with and has the added minus of being just plain wrong here.

So, anyway, if you aren't going to use the guy's talents, trade Church for something big because other teams would love him. (Or, we need to suck it up and wait for new owners next year and see what happens).

p.s. If a righty ended up coming in to face Carroll, his OPS against righties is obscenely low and you wouldn't have Church anymore.


At 11:23 AM, Blogger DM said...

Wow, I'm glad I stopped following the game after Vinny's error ... I think Frank had money on the Rockies.

At 12:15 PM, Blogger Chris Needham said...

Yes! Let's get those game-fixing rumors going... that's the only way we'll get that senile [censored] off the team!

At 11:06 AM, Anonymous stuart said...

What kills me is that when the Nats lose games like Monday night, criticism for a poor result on the field is levelled principally at the players (see Boswell's column on Tuesday morning). One of the main jobs of a manager is to maximize the probability of a successful outcome, both in setting a lineup, and in determining play-by-play stategy. Robinson is abysmal at this; when the radio announcer said in the ninth that "Church is going back to the dugout and Jamey Carroll is coming up to bat", I stood up and screamed "No! Robinson's total incompetence in these matters is driving me crazy.

At 11:12 AM, Blogger dexys_midnight said...

Yes, our writers/announcers should know better, but they also know where their bread is buttered. What kills me a lot, but I know I have to accept because if I wasn't following this team, I'd think the same thing, is all the outside-DC media that basically think that Frank is a mastermind for this team to have this record with these players.
I actually do give a lot of credit to Frank for making these players believe they can win, but his lineups and game day strategy and refusal to factor in any numbers when making a decision drive me up a wall as well.


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